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Process Evaluation

Analyze the current implementation to ensure it is following industry’s best practices. This service also delivers the recommended next steps and project schedule for a sustainable implementation.

Jump Start

This service helps “jumpstart” your QlikView installation through developing quick-strike QlikView applications that deliver immediate success for your investment.

Application Design

Intuitive visual displays that increase awareness and promote continuous improvement in areas such as Finance, Sales, Data Integrity, Operations, etc.  Develop templates to assist in consistency and maintenance of applications.  Provides a high level of data transparency 

Data Management

“Bringing Value to Data” starts with extracting, transforming, and loading the data in a way that reduces impact to Production database systems, allows for reuse of the data, and delivers reliable data to multiple applications.

Infrastructure Assistance

Assist in assessing the infrastructure supporting the processes that rely on Development, QA\Testing, Production, and Disaster Recovery (Business Continuity) environments.

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