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Valero Renewable Fuels - Jefferson, WI
Fractionation Project

The Valero Renewables Plant near Jefferson, WI started ethanol production in January 2008. The facility uses a dry-grind fractionation production method to process the incoming raw corn.  This project provided the Fractionation Dept. with intuitive analytics tools to show the fluctuations in the compositions of the various Fractionation process streams. This allowed the operations team to make strategic decisions to increase yield, and increase the overall Plant efficiency.

HollyFrontier Refinery - El Dorado, KS
Furnace Efficiency Project

The El Dorado Refinery is located in El Dorado, Kansas and is one of the largest refineries in the plains states and the Rocky Mountain region, with a crude oil capacity of 135,000 barrels per day. This project provided real time intuitive analytics tools for the refinery furnaces using the OSI Soft PI Software Suite already  in place at the refinery. This allowed refinery operations to visualize fluctuations in the efficiency of their furnaces, as well as track key performance indicators in order to make strategic decisions.

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